Our journey with Food Protein Allergy

So our journey continues only today’s Doctors appointment was with a difference . Have you ever found that if you look after your Allergy or intolerant child so well and they are growing well , that they tend to sweep under the carpet for the time being , until such time things change ??
Well not here with this little brown duck , just out of the blue i was prompted from accepting the way things are as out of my control and we have what we can control under wraps , well for no longer time to poke and motivate the doctor and specialist into some Action in really finding out what my baby girls allergy condition really is and to start with a Management plan or at least look for one.
It’s so amazing what us as humans can do or accept ….. accept as normal as for them in their life as it is , though when a conversation with another starts you soon get the reality check that having a little girl four weeks off turning 3 and only able to eat 3 foods is not ok anymore. There has to be more answers and she cant fight for the answers i have to be her voice , no matter how weak and worn out i feel its up to me in which she trust with her life to get things in Action and be the voice she is too young to be. Well young and little though at nearly 3 she is far from silly , to hear her little voice say ” mummy i can have that when i GET BIG ” just makes you want to cry knowing i really don’t know anything else to say to her except to say ” Yes when you GET BIG”.
I suppose what has prompt me to take Action yet again is all my little Angel wants it to have a cupcake or a tinker bell birthday cake … her little not yet 3 year old voice says. Well i have 3 and bit weeks to get creative with her request and obviously not a real and edible cake though something that looks like a tinker bell cake … mmmm creative mind is at work on how can i pull this one off , trust me i will not give up on this challenge set before me.

Well really was no real plan for this blog it really was just to give our allergy journey a voice and to help others in doing so , making sure others know they are not alone on this journey and together we can support and share ideas.

Please feel free to contact me or write a comment and look forward in helping other families on their allergy journey’s



This photo was borrowed as a example of cake my princess would so dream of …


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